Remember that year we were all locked down in our homes for year?  Times were tough, and for those of us on our own, even harder. I promised myself that I would make up for all the time spent alone and get out there for some human contact and fun. What I wanted most were casual hook-ups with those looking for the same thing and an easy way to find them.

Curiosity caught up to me, and I decided to take the plunge and get familiar with the best dating apps. Not sure where to start, I turned to two dating site review platforms; and Both sites are known for being the best-trusted review sites available for adult dating sites, so picking through the reviews there was a no-brainer.

Wizzlove has a collection of site reviews listed according to their rating. The overall rating is made up of a variety of collected site data,  such as its safety rating and each platform’s hook-up rate.

The first review that caught my eye was for Fling. It’s rated as a top choice and what stood out to me most was the 93% hook-up rate. I didn’t have to waste any time reading through a  review that didn’t match what I was looking for either. The Wizzlove layout adds Pros and Cons at the top of the page, followed by an overview of the site information, including the number of years it’s been in operation, the type of dating and hook-up relationships it caters to, whether an app is available and what kind of payments the platform accepts.

The review available for Fling was pretty in-depth as well, really laying out all of the negative and positive aspects of the site. In the end, the Pros seemed to outweigh the Cons, so Fling was the first hook-up site I signed up for. Milf Play was the second site to catch my eye on Wizzlove. The percentage of females to males is high (65%female vs. 35% male), and the quality of the women on Milf Play are top-notch. I went in looking for a quick hook-up and ended up getting transfixed on private videos that had me glued to my seat. Wizzlove also helped us to discover Asstok, a relatively new hook-up platform used by horny people of every sexual orientation that features fun swipe and like features, as well as swapping pics. 

The reviews given on helped me to lock down some ideal picks rather quickly, providing all the info I needed on registration, membership pricing, operations, and demographics without having to run through the site myself. The listed FAQs were also an excellent addition helping to answer questions lingering in the back of my head. And most importantly, the reviews for the sites seem sincere and really try to give a global glimpse of what each platform has to offer. Pros

-Websites listed by percentage of hook-ups and safety ratings

-Pricing listed for most sites

-FAQ and public comments and feedback

-Screenshots of interface and app functionality Cons

-Very brief descriptions of the type of audience the sites cater to.

Forever a curious cat, I headed over to Hookup-Insider to see the type of sites they showcase. I was impressed with the clean layout of the site and the bottom line placed on every listing, allowing you to know the exact flavor of hook-up site each listing is before having to click on the review. The review on Booty Callz lured me over to their site to have a glimpse at what they have to offer. The review says that this black beauty and interracial focused hookup site has a young audience and notes that this is a “con,” but I personally find this to be a pro and all the more reason to check it out. The review was in-depth and helpful, but the screenshots of the site itself and the ladies inside saw me signing up immediately, and I have not been disappointed with the selection of ladies on this platform so far.

Hookup-insider also lead me to Insta and Smoke and Insta Bang has an insanely large user base and has built a true community to engage with other members in. I have a lot of fun with the daily “Who’s Cute” game where you’re sent 50 profile pics and asked to give feedback on whether or not you like what you see. If you’re like me and love sharing a blunt before getting frisky, Smoke and Poke is an absolute dream. The platform is full of lovers of Mary Jane looking for partners to literally smoke and poke. I was excited to start chatting with a few soon-to-be smoke and poke buddies just a few blocks over within my first day signed up to the site.

It was my impression that sifting through the sites on went by faster than my time going through reviews on Every review follows a clean and well-constructed format that covers everything from a platform overview, the registration process, and membership fees to special features and even gives notes on each site’s functionality. There are also a ton of screenshots given to help you get a feel of the platform before visiting it for yourself. Pros

-Constructive and Clean Layout

-Short yet effective Platform Descriptions 

-Plenty of Screenshots of every platform  Cons

-an unclear understanding of the rating system

I’m still very new to these platforms and honestly have not had a hook-up as of yet, but that’s because there is so much happening on every one of these sites. Messages started coming in almost immediately after setting up my profiles. All of the dating sites I found on both and are adult personals that are alive and thriving, and it’s hard to say which site I want to devote more time to – it’s fun to get out in the world without ever having to leave my house. If you are interested in online dating and not sure where to start, and will get you going in no time.

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