No bullshit. No mixed signals. No ghosting. That’s what I promised myself a few months ago before I joined Chatmate.

Dating apps have turned meeting new people into a jungle where the survival of the coldest is the motto. Dating and flirting are supposed to be exciting, funny, and sometimes clumsy, but I never expected it to be brutally discouraging.

Except for a few cool encounters, the world of dating, after a few years, has left me feeling exhausted, frustrated, and insatiably horny.

So, I retired from dating.

I’m serious. You’ll never find me at a bar, waiting for a flaky stranger to stand me up. I definitely won’t be at a coffee shop wondering whether the person sitting across from me is texting a boyfriend or planning her next date. I’m DONE!

But I’ll tell you where I’ll be. I’ll be on Chatmate, talking to other adults who also don’t have time for any of that.


Chatmate is the best platform for adults looking to chat and flirt with matches while viewing them on a live-streaming video. It’s honest, it’s fun, and it’s different. And most importantly, it’s free!

Chatmate is perfect for people who know they want to have some fun and don’t want to jump through the hoops of dating service app to get it.

It’s a website, not an app, so it’s fully accessible on Mac, PC, or any device (desktop or mobile), regardless of if you’re team Apple or Android. Your profile doesn’t link to any social media platforms, so you can stay on anonymous mode all the time.

No Facebook or Instagram stalking is involved.

Feel free to use any browser or a private window on Chrome, but remember that no matter what option you choose, your privacy is kept safe… As long as you don’t share any private info like your phone number in a private chat.

From the coziness of your couch, you can message people from around the world who have no taboos about sexting and mutual masturbation. It’s all about safe, interactive fun online.

Everything happens in high definition, and you never have to be seen if you don’t want to. Everyone is over 18 and from different parts of the world. And the best thing is that you can know when someone is online! So no unread messages!


You join Chatmate for free in less than a minute. From the page, you click on Create My Account to get started simply with a name, a nickname, and an email address.

You’ll be asked to provide a payment method when you sign up in case you want to access any of the paying options, but you won’t be charged. Then, you activate your account from your email.

After that, no more paperwork! The fun begins. You start browsing. Right from the top, you can decide to browse between girls and guys using the tabs at the top left corner.

Then, you can click on one of the gazillion categories on the left navigation bar, or you can filter your results based on these options: region, age, ethnicity, language, or chat features.

Now, what are the chat features? They’re probably the coolest things you can find on the web:

  • Party chat: a group chat where everyone is talking and flirting with one match at the same time. Depending on your perspective, it can be arousing to know you’re competing for someone’s attention… or should I say arousal!

  • Cam2cam: a way to share your own video with someone so they can see you as well. You have to request it to activate this function, and that person has to approve your request before your private chat becomes a cam2cam session.

  • Fanclub: From the chat, you can decide to join your match’s fanclub and access exclusive rewards.


Of course, most of the features named previously aren’t free. But before you slide into someone’s DMs on IG or Facebook Messenger for free, take a look look at these free features:

  • Browse profiles and filter them based on your preferences

  • View your match’s complete profile

  • Read all the reviews other members left on a profile

  • Get a sneak peek of your match’s live video before entering a private chat

  • Check out all your match’s photos

  • See the times when your match is online

For the rest of the fun, get ready to have a full Chatmate experience you won’t regret paying for. The currency used on the site is called GOLD. One GOLD equals one US dollar. With GOLD you can access chat better features and exclusive online events.


Chatmate is the coolest site out there for some instant adult fun without today’s dating constraints. You don’t wait to match with people you find attractive, you automatically do. No awkward pick-up lines, no cold rejections, or 3-day silences waiting for a response. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and go after the dating experience I want.

If you’re still not sure it’s the site for you, here’s a list of pros and cons to consider.


  • No annoying ads

  • Real and diverse profiles

  • No icebreakers

  • Group chats for group fun

  • Instant matching

  • Contests exclusive prizes


  • A payment method is required when you sign up.

  • Private chats aren’t free!

  • Profiles can’t be filtered by status: online or offline.

Wanna have some BS-free, grown-up fun with like-minded adults? Create your free account Chatmate and find out for yourself. You definitely will not regret it!

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