By now, most pet owners are familiar with the potential benefits of feeding CBD pet treats to dogs and cats. Since it’s most likely a pet-owning American family would have a dog or cat (or both!), most of the research into CBD for pets focuses on these animals. However, that doesn’t mean CBD oil doesn’t have potential uses for other species. For instance, many people who own a pet rabbit are interested in the anti-anxiety properties CBD could provide.

Current estimates suggest there are roughly 5 million pet rabbits in the USA. Anyone who cares for one of these furry critters may be curious whether CBD oil could be of benefit.

Is CBD Safe For Rabbits?

Unfortunately, the research into CBD for rabbits isn’t as robust as for dogs. However, scientists report that rabbits have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Therefore, phytocannabinoids like CBD should impact a rabbit’s biochemistry.

We can’t say for sure that CBD is “safe” for rabbits, but no reports suggest this cannabinoid is “unsafe” at reasonable doses. Indeed, many people who own rabbits are now adding small amounts of CBD oil to their rabbit’s feeding schedule. There are even a few companies that are making CBD oils tailored to rabbits.

Just keep in mind that there are significant differences between CBD for humans and CBD for pets. Certain chemicals that may be OK in a human-grade CBD oil may not be suitable for animals like rabbits, dogs, or cats. Also, since rabbits are so tiny, they don’t need a ton of CBD to have a noticeable impact. When testing this supplement, rabbit owners must keep their CBD oils at super low concentrations.

Since CBD for rabbits is so experimental, you should speak with their veterinarian before adding this supplement to your pet’s daily routine. Please also avoid using CBD oil on pets that have pre-existing medical conditions.

Why Use CBD Oil For Rabbits?

Anxiety is the top reason rabbit owners get interested in CBD oil. In the wild, rabbits have to be extremely cautious to avoid predators. Even when rabbits are well-sheltered, they will be more prone to anxiety attacks than other animals.

Many rabbit owners are hopeful CBD’s anti-anxiety properties could calm the panic in their pets. Some trials show CBD oil works better than a placebo for humans suffering from social anxiety disorder. Also, thousands of anecdotal testimonies suggest CBD can reduce fear in dogs and cats.

Again, we don’t have any studies specifically examining CBD for rabbit anxiety, but that hasn’t stopped some people from experimenting with this cannabinoid. Hopefully, as vets learn more about using CBD for different animals, we will have more conclusive findings on how this supplement affects rabbits.

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Whatever pet you’re purchasing CBD for, you must verify it comes with third-party lab results. There are still many CBD pet treats that have inferior secondary ingredients, pesticides, or heavy metal residue. The only way to ensure your pet-approved CBD oils are clean is to review unbiased lab screenings.

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